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The interior of the Ordinarie

What's in a name?

The Ordinarie [ ôrdnˌerē ] is not Ordinary [ ôrdnˌerē ]

1600's spelling to designate a tavern 

Pronounced "Ordinary" 


The terms Ordinarie, Tavern and Inn remained synonymous throughout most of the eighteenth century; these institutions were licensed to provide entertainment “for all persons” including “Strangers and their horses.” While your horse may not be welcome, everyone else is-  family, friends and strangers alike. 

The historical name embodies our mission: paying homage to American drinking culture, harkening back to the 17th-18th century tavern experience, providing unparalleled hospitality, classic cocktails, beer, wine and spirits; featuring revived American comfort food in a modern, yet historically timeless bar.

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