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American Spirit - Tasting Series 

The American Spirit 2024 tasting series, curated by Chef Nick and his team, is a groundbreaking culinary journey through the heart of American gastronomy. Beginning with our inaugural focus on corn/maize, this series delves deep into the ingredients that have not only nourished but also defined American culture and history. Each dinner, meticulously crafted by Chef Nick, promises an immersive exploration of flavors, techniques, and stories, highlighting how these key ingredients have been pivotal in shaping the American culinary landscape

First Series: Maize

Chef Nick's menu aims to capture this deep historical significance. Each dish is not just a culinary creation but a story – a narrative of how corn has been a sustenance, a symbol of life, and a bridge between cultures. The dishes will draw inspiration from traditional indigenous recipes and cooking techniques, thoughtfully adapted to reflect contemporary culinary artistry. The origins of corn emphasizes its enduring legacy and its role in the mosaic of American identity.

The Stories Behind Food

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